Hangar Challenge

Try out Hangar Challenge! Compare your strength with other climbers. Or just compete with yourself for fun and good training.

 Hangar challenge rules:

Competition has three performance categories: Hobby, Sport and Elite. 

Hobby category includes boulders 1 – 10, Sport 11 – 20 and Elite 21 – 30. 

Your goal is to climb (top) as many problems on as few attempts as possible.

Boulders are marked by numbers from easiest to hardest. By climbing at least one boulder from the higher category, you are automatically ascribed to respective category.

Competition runs in a fair play spirit, and we rely on everyone’s conscience, meaning they write down the number of attempts honestly.

A winner of each category obtains a 1 HANGAR free entrance and a Black Diamond block of chalk.

May the force be with you!

In Hangar Challenge there are no judges. We believe in Fair play thus the honest results are the responsibility of each competitor. 

Let´s go and good luck!


Registration and rules

Detailed rules can be found here: Hangar Challenge pravidla